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    SO)))(Gt.)joined an experienced black metal band, COHOL.


    Our boss, SO))) has joined COHOL as a guitarist officially.He will play the guitar and write some songs on COHOL, and of course on lantanaquamara.


    Our 1st first self-planned show"plant"vol.1 has been finished.(Sold Out!!!)


    We planned our 1st self-planned show on this January with Asunojokei(Post-Black Metal)and Heliostrope(Post-Hardcore). Apporox 100 people has come this show, and the ticket has been sold out!


    SO))) (Gt.)will play on AFTER HOURS fest 2017


    Our guitarist SO))) will play on AFTER HOURS fest in Tokyo, as a guitarist for COHOL. COHOL is an individual Black Metal trio in Japan. You should check them!


    1st EP “lantanaquamara(ランタナカマラ)” for Sale !


    Our 1st EP “lantanaquamara” has been released on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, and Google play Music! Of course we have physical CDs in stock. If you are interested in, feel free to contact us!

  • lantanaquamara is


    Mata-Low(Bass / Ambience)

    SO))) (Guitar / Sound Programming) 

    Toshiya Kawamitsu(Voice) 



    lantanaquamara アーティスト写真b

    Dec / 2012

    SO))) has started songwriting for his solo project. His song is mainly influenced by ISIS, envy(JPN),Meshuggah, Tool.


    May / 2013

    Toshiya Kawamitsu, and Mata-Low joined SO)))'s project. After a while, they formed a band called “lantanaquamara”. lantanaquamara is a pun on a word “Lantana-Camara”.


    Nov / 2016

    They released 1st EP “lantanaquamara”.


    Apr / 2017

    A music review blog “mastersaiche” refer to our 1st EP in detail.


    May / 2017

    UNITE ASIA picked us up on the article.


    Jan / 2018

    Our 1st self-planned show "plant" vol.1 was held.

  • Discography

    ランタナカマラ ジャケットアート

    1st EP 〝lantanaquamara〟

    Nov/16/2016 Release​ $10(tax in)

    1. A Dilligent Man's Funeral

    2. Delonix regia(a lead track on this EP)

    3. Midsummer Daydreaming

    4. Meteor Shower

    5. A Florid Observatory



    ※You can also listen our songs on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon, and Spotify.

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    We don't have any plans. So we are searching for a promoter who invite us somewhere in the world.

    We wanna play in overseas! If you are interested in our music, Please get in touch with us.

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    We wanna play in overseas. If you have interests, feel free to contact us.